Product Size Guide

About Order

  • All orders will be processed in the official website
  • Click the button and you will be re-directed to more details such as specs and more images.

About Shipping

  • U.S. Shipping cost is based on the weight of the item and its shipping carton size. Our site refers to this as Estimated Shipping Weight, which can be found on each item’s page.
  • Some of our pieces are considered ‘over sized’, and for those, the shipping cost is typically based on dimensional weight -which is also located on the items page, in the ‘Product Details‘ section.
  • Shipping cost varies basic on the product size and where it’s delivered to. Part of our products are free shipping in US. Click here for the free shipping list.

Exchange / Return Policy

  • We make sure that our collectors are happy with their purchase. Thus, our direct customers are covered by a 30 Day Exchange/Return window from the date of delivery.

Flexible payment plans

  • Flexible payment plans allow you to pay for an item in monthly installments. You select how many installments and the date of the month (5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, or 25th) for payments to process.
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