Bloodshot – A New Superhero Universe?

Mvie ClubAugust 9, 2020

One more product on the list of many that Diesel has played in the genre throughout his career, and that have left us characters that are already part of recent film history, such as Dominic Toretto. It is not that here we have impossible car chases (although there are some), or tuning or anything like that. But it is the archetype of a hero forced by circumstances, in an adaptation of the Valiant comics around the character who, on this occasion, maintains a certain fidelity to the essence of the comic, although not entirely to its history. Let’s put it like this. If you have read the comics, even if there are many changes in the plot (many) you will know perfectly what is going to happen in each script twist. Because you have read it before…

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We are not going to talk much into the story because many do not know the character, but the idea is apparently simple. A deceased soldier brought back to life by nanotechnology that gives him abilities far superior to those of any human. From that start we find a simple, slick, unpretentious story with a couple of tight twists that honor the comic book character. The writer of The Arrival and Final Destination 5 (yes, it’s the same, Eric Heisserer), joins forces with Jeff Wadlow, known for his work at Blumhouse, in mediocrities such as Truth or Dare and Fantasy Island, but also in Bates Motel or The Strain. They are not going to win the Oscar, of course. But they comply and the film does not demand anything more of them.

The same goes for its cast, which does what it can with its archetypal characters and its tone more B-series than big-budget movie. Vin Diesel has been in this situation a thousand times and knows exactly what he can and should do. His solvency as a lead is beyond doubt, although the rest of the cast has more to offer as performers. It doesn’t matter, it’s a star and it shows. And he lets himself be accompanied by names like Eiza Gozález, Guy Pearce, Sam Heughan or Toby Kebbell, whose role is too short. Honorable mention for Lamorne Morris and how she makes the most of a character who is a walking cliché.

Lots of action, frenetic pace and good visual effects, although it is noted that the production is much cheaper than other comic adaptations. It takes him no more to compose some great action scenes like the one in the tunnel or the fight in the bathroom. Although other times the newcomer director, Dave Wilson, seems more interested in focusing on places where the action does not happen, framing in a… peculiar way, or setting up the fights so that we do not see them. It is not the constant but it happens. And it’s a shame, as is the number of topics and the low risk. Bloodshot is PG13 for more people to see, and you can tell there is an R-rated movie in its DNA, in its brutal shootouts and heists. In his bloodless violence… There was more and perhaps we will see it in time. For now we have a nice, correct and well planned film that will make us have a good time.