Midway Review – Reminiscent of a Strategic Fighting Game

Mvie ClubAugust 9, 2020

We must not forget wars so that they never happen again.

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The world-famous director of German origin Roland Emmerich delights in apocalyptic films, such as Independence Day, Godzilla or The Day After. The fact that this conflict was shot by a German in an American-Chinese co-production has a symbolic conciliatory effect.

We follow the stories of individual men in the US Navy and Air Force, as well as the Japanese perspective in the decisive battle of World War II, which lasted five days from June 3, 1942 on the island of Midway. The goal of the Japanese secret mission was to lure the enemy and occupy the island. Thanks to intelligence, however, the Americans learned of this plan in time and struck the Japanese fleet with an unexpected blow.

It is commendable that they address such an important historical milestone. In addition, the magic formula “according to real events” always attracts the audience’s attention. At least some people, especially the younger ones, can be brought to a part of history in a tolerable way.

The effects and actions used act more like a computer game. And this air battle simulator will engulf you and no longer want to let you go. This is surprisingly also true for individuals who do not hold this topic twice.

For some, it can be a stressful experience.It contains an incredible number of elaborate action scenes, which is probably the reason why we feel part of their reality. In addition, the shots are often shaky and confused, which in turn looks very authentic. For some, it can be a stressful experience. However, it successfully brings an atmosphere in which uncertainty and fear of death mix with courage, determination and national pride. It is precisely these positive values ​​that repeatedly present classic American patriotism in many Hollywood films, which is very typical of this director in particular. In this respect, it is possible to see a similarity with the now very popular comics from Marvel.

The plot does not cling to any specific character, we just somehow jump from one to the other. It symbolizes a certain volatileness of human lives in war, we spend time with a certain person, and suddenly he leaves. But it also means that we do not have time to form a proper relationship with any of them. Therefore, perhaps it is not a sign of insensitivity that we do not shed during a tear. This is it, in an effort to show the different stories of all involved, somehow the empathy and emotions associated with it disappear.

We see a number of important stars, worth mentioning are names such as Luke Evans, Woody Harrelson, Dennis Quaid, Ed Skrein, Alexander Ludwig and others. They give a satisfactory performance, on none of them does it all stand, but it does not fall. An unexpected but welcome surprise may be the participation of singer Nick Jonas, who took on his supporting role in number one.

Unfortunately, the computer action, although it looks nice, is too much for one picture and it sometimes seems cheap. War movie enthusiasts will certainly not be offended by the Battle of Midway, but they are not particularly enthusiastic either. Once again, the rule is confirmed that everything simply cannot fit into one work, even though the creators often try to do so. Somewhat lengthy dialogues are alternated with scenes that increase adrenaline, so we are constantly moving in these two extremes. Anyway, it’s worth watching, you probably won’t play it repeatedly.